General, School Camps (2015-16)

  • Conducted Schools Camps 34 camps
  • No. of children screened 7830 and nearly 2138 were detected to have various vision disorders and 528 spectacles were distributed
  • No. of General Camps 109
  • No. of people screened for refractive errors 10096
  • No. of spectacles were distributed 6177
  • No of surgeries performed 355
  • Dharavi Clinic: This year 3396 people were screened and treated in the clinic.

Aditya Jyot Diabetic Retinopathy Urban Mumbai Slums Study (AJDRUMSS)

Our diabetic retinopathy project is one of the acclaimed projects by World diabetes foundation and Ratan Tata trust.

Through our initiatives in 7 wards of Mumbai in the last three years: Targeted Population for Type 2 DM ≥ 40 years

  • Created awareness on DM and DR among Slum dwellers
  • The number of diabetics diagnosed in slums of Mumbai: (710)11%. Approximately half of the diabetics were having complications and detected during our screening.
  • Newly diagnosed DM: 89 (13.5%)
  • The number of diabetics diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy: 92 (15%)

Driver’s camps activity report

  • 649 truck drivers screened
  • 55% (358) had refractive errors and the majority of them had never had their eyes tested before.

Our findings suggest the need for stringent medical check-ups to detect visual abnormalities in Indian truck drivers. Though they were driving the vehicles with subnormal visual acuity, they did not identify this as a disability.

Incorporation of New Technologies such as Smart-phone based fundus camera), Three Nethra (mounted on a motorbike), Optomed (non-mydriatic fundus camera, RetCam. We are first in the world to start retina screening by using make in India Motorbike based Retina camera

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