Womens Day Special - Hurry Up!50% Discount On Doctor Consultation

Wadala 08-03-2019

Hurry Up!50% Discount on Doctor Consultation- Celebrating Spirit of Womes. 

Womens Day Special - Discount On Lasik Treatment & Free Eye Evalution

Wadala 08-03-2019

On Womens Day Celebration we are offering 20% Discounts on Lasik Treatment with the free eye evalution for all Patients.

President of AIOS

Indore 14 July 2019

All India Ophthalmological Society 

Appoints Padmashree Dr S Natarajan As President

Dr BP Kashyap Oration Award

Ranchi 9 December 2018

Dr B.P Kashyap Oration Award 2018

Thane Plus

Thane 27 November 2018

Thane Plus

Lokmat- Thane

Thane 27 November 2018

Associação Médica Indiana - Thane

Aditya Jyot Alumni Invitation

Mumbai 23 December 2018

5th Public Endowment Award to Dr. Francesco Bendello

29 November 2017

4th Public Endowment Award to Dr. Rishi Singh

Mumbai 20 December 2016

3rd Endowment Award- Dr. Marco Mura

Mumbai 5 September 2015

1st Public Endowment Award

Mumbai 5 November 2013

6th Public Endowment Award

Mumbai 22 December 2018

2nd Aditya Jyot Eye Hospital - Invitation

27 January 2014

7 year old girl's cornea damage

Mumbai 9 November 2018

Celebrating 28th Anniversary

Mumbai 31 July 2018

Aditya Jyot Group of Institute cordially invites you to...

Charchaughi Magazine

Mumbai 12 July 2018

Ranked No. 6

Mumbai 19 September 2017

In India's Best Hospitals in 2017 Eastern & Western India.

World Sight Day - Avoidable blindness on the rise in India

Mumbai 13 October 2017

Avoidable blindness on the rise in India.

Genetic Eye Clinic

Mumbai 21 January 2017

A close look at your child’s eye care

Mumbai 16 September 2017

Refractive error is one of the most common causes of visual impairment...

Eye refractive Error

Mumbai 17 October 2017

Two of five kids in Dharavi have eye defects that may cause blindness

Mumbai 21 September 2017

Bombay Times - Busting Myths about Lasik Surgery

Mumbai 4 August 2017

Busting Myths about Lasik Surgery - Dr. Kavita Rao


Mumbai 5 November 2017

Docs save sight of man injured during Diwali

Mumbai 24 October 2017

Mumbai docs treating pellet-injured Kashmiris

Mumbai 27 July 2017

R N Mathur Oration Award 2017

Mumbai 25 September 2017

Kashmir Pudhari

Mumbai 8 August 2016

Dabangg Dunia

Mumbai 26 July 2016

Kashmir Sandhyakal

Mumbai 26 July 2016

A Fighting chance doctors a ray of hope for victims of pellet guns

Mumbai 21 December 2016

Silver Jubilee

Mumbai 1 August 2015

Dengue Virus

Mumbai 11 January 2015

20-year-old student looses vision, regains partial sight

Successful treatment for rare eyesight

Mumbai 15 July 2014

The patient, a banker, come to Mumbai all the way from Shimla for undergoing treatment after he suddenly lost vision.

Ranked No. 1

Mumbai 1 July 2002

In Mumbai in the most trusted hospital for eye treatment.