At the outset we would like to throw some light on curable blindness, one of the causes of which is corneal blindness.

The cornea, which is the transparent portion of the eye or a button in front of the colored iris and round pupil of the eye, is a surface, which converges the light rays to focus on the retina. Loss of transparency in the cornea results in blindness, which can be cured by corneal transplant. This surgery involves replacing the damaged cornea by a cornea from a donated eye. There are 15 million cases of this type of blindness out of which 4.6 million are less than 45 yrs and 60% less than 12 yrs. The demand for this corneal tissue is far greater than its supply.

Aishwarya Rai had inaugurated our Eye bank on the 1st of August 2004. We have a qualified team of Doctors and Medical personnel who go and collect donated eyes round the clock and we have collected over 50 eyes last year. Eyes are then sent to a coordination center for processing and distribution.

We have requested eminent personalities from all fields of life to come together and participate in this noble venture of promoting eye donation. We would urge you to come forward and support us in our mission of spreading the awareness towards eye donation.


Donation of eyes needs to be done within 4 hours of death. To donate eyes offer near diseased one, contact Aditya Jyot Eye Bank and give the gift of vision.