Fellowship in Pediatric Opthalmology and Strabismus

Course Curriculum:

Duration - 18 Months

Course Mentor:


  • Prof. Dr. S. Natarajan
  • Dr. Kavita Rao
  • Dr. Vimal Fudnawala
  • Dr. Pandurang Kulkarni

Course Objective:

To train aspirants in the management of common ocular motility disorders, amblyopia and other common Pediatric ophthalmic disorders. The course would include training in following diagnostic and management skills.

Diagnostic Skills:

  • Vision and refraction in children.
  • Vision screening
  • Diagnostic approach to common Paediatric ophthalmic disorders.
  • Screening for the retinopathy of prematurity.
  • Evaluation of patients with diplopia.
  • Evaluation of binocularity, stereopsis, fusional amplitudes and accommodative amplitudes
  • A practical approach to the diagnosis of strabismus. Paddle tests (Cover Test, Uncover TEST, simultaneous prism cover test etc). Use of prisms to quantitate the deviation, Hess charting, Forceps tests, Evaluation of versions, vergences duction, saccades and ocular torsion.
  • Working up the cases of nystagmus and other ocular motility disorder.
  • Tensilon / Prostigmine test for myasthenic.
  • Evaluation of congenital epiphora.
  • Evaluation of congenital ptosis etc.

Management Skills:

Non - Surgical
  • Therapeutic approach to common Paediatric disorders.
  • Principles of spectacle correction in strabismic and non-strabismic children.
  • Ophthalmic prism dispensing.
  • Botox for strabismic disorders etc
  • Therapeutic approach to common Paediatric disorders.
  • STRABISMUS Surgery
  • Adjustable suture technique.
  • Probing & Syringing for congenital NLD Obstruction
  • Endoscopic probing and lacrimal sac surgery in children.
  • Paediatric Cataract surgery.
  • Management of Paediatric eye trauma.
  • LASER photocoagulation for ROP.
Course Fee:

For Indian Candidates – Rs.15000 per month For International Candidates – USD 1000 per month